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Calgary, Alberta

Three Boys in the 50’s Diner on Edmonton Trail

count their quarters then order

raspberry-kahlua milkshakes extra whip-cream.

Grunge runners, baggy levis, t-shirts rumpled

their glazed eyes smoke-wild

from their outside joint.

Long fingers spin nickels

beaver, head, beaver, head.

Experience waits at the door. Beacons.

Come, boys, feel the slim skin of a girl,

wrench yourself in the vice of love, stand

in awe for a work of art, a hum of music;

find death in your room and wait

while it fills the lungs of a parent

with fluid slow as each breath,

fall into the slipstream,

grow grey and wrinkled,

hate what you’ve done

who you’ve become.

Come, in a moment,

but now, put that straw to your mouth,

sweeten this time, this place, this everything

and let taste blast you awake.

Let your hearts be light, be light.

Micheline Maylor


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Calgary, Alberta

The Lesson

in her office of grey grey light
my hand floats pink
tethered to her command

opens one small finger at a time
to a smash of leather eighteen inches long
fingers sting forty-five years older around the curl

Bob Stallworthy has 4 books of poetry. His latest collection launched in April 2009 is, Things that Matter Now, Frontenac House, 2009. This poem is from that collection. His book, Optics, was short-listed for the 2004 W.O. Mitchell City of Calgary Book Prize.

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