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Toronto, Ontario

Under Sail off Aruba

The sea slips silently   beneath the hull

Wind whips the waves    more movement

Side to side    til tall sails stabilize

Cracked by the Caribbean breath    then forward

The little boat lurches    outward bound

Into horizon    pursuing the sunset.

Round golden disk goes down    into the sea

Amid a tangled sky    of far-flung clouds

What for a city-dweller    means a marvel

The salt sea sailor     frowns on

This means weather    will be wild tomorrow

So was the sign    for grandfather

For other    antecedent sailors

For Columbus     when he first felt this wind

And saw    this sandy island.

Caroline Morgan Di Giovanni© February, 2009

Caroline Morgan Di Giovanni is a recent recruit to the League of Canadian Poets. I’ve edited 2 anthologies but 2008 saw my first book come to life, thanks to Quattro Books. Check out Looking at Renaissance Paintings and Other Poems.


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Toronto, Ontario

Darwin’s Not Always Right

They say the size of the fight

is in the bill of the bird. The brighter

the beak, the meaner the nip.

But when I blush I’m a berry in a bush.

Ripe for your oncoming push.


Catherine Graham is the author of three critically acclaimed poetry collections: The Watch, Pupa, and The Red Element. She is Vice President of Project Bookmark Canada and Marketing Coordinator for the Rowers Pub Reading Series. www.catherinegraham.com

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