Archive for April 1st, 2009

Pasadena, Newfoundland


Days beat into your ears
night held you
sun eclipsed
life stoning you:
a million rocks falling .. . . . .
You lay muffled
wails breaking through your pain.
You gone from us for weeks.
There were times you
squeezed out from under the rocks
smiled as brightly as the sun
claimed the earth as yours
and rose like a kite into the sky.
Everyone saw you, heard you:
a talking kite dancing on the wind.
Your string got pulled
by those afraid you would crash in some strange country where
no one knew you cared for you loved you.
You struggled to stay
shouting protests into the wind.
You fell like a rock with edges that cut
everyone who touched you until
finally you were folded down
into a dark place,
your string invisible
your eyes blind
your tongue thick.
Shackled in the dungeon of your mind.
I hope you remember times when
you rose as light as a kite.
I wish you could always feel as light –
no strings attached.

Nellie P. Strowbridge is the author of two books of poetry, a short story collection, tri-author of essays and stories, a young adult novel, a Christmas collection. The Newfoundland Tongue (2008) is being followed by a new publication this year.


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